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Branch Objectives & Site Copyright

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


Branch Objectives


1. To deliver an improved service to our members and the Campaign.


2. To establish a local area based team with specific roles and knowledge of the requirement who will support the Chairman and spread the workload.


3. To link committee meetings in with the event programme where possible to minimise travel duplication.


4. To maintain and develop the web site to enable members to access up to date information on events programme, reports and beer quality in the North Cotswold area.


5. Extend programme to include more weekend events. Walking is very popular in North Cotswolds and this can be linked to some of the GBG pubs. This may lead to recruitment opportunities.


6. Target certain areas where beer quality or choice is poor and encourage improvement by inclusion in the event programme.


7. Encourage and support Beer festivals and other events at all our pubs. Identify the best opportunities with good travel access to attract new member and young members.


8. To improve direct communications with CAMRA on campaigning issues, and GBG entries.


9. Maintain links with adjacent CAMRA Branches to facilitate joint programme events and help with activities i.e. Beer Festivals


10 To set a 5 year target with an action plan to improve key CAMRA objectives including increase in membership.



Web Site Copyright Notice


All material on this web site is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the Chairman of the North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale.


The views expressed on this web site do not necessarily reflect those of the Campaign for Real Ale. Also when we give a link to another site, we cannot be held responsible for the content you find on that site. These links to other sites are provided by us in good faith, and you should report any offensive material you find on their site directly to them.


Spam Emails


Contact details should only be used for CAMRA business. Spam emails will be automatically deleted. Spam emails include unsolicited offers of services for a fee. CAMRA is a charity organisation supported by volunteers. Unless you are offering services for free, we are not interested.




North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, 2015